Our story

Let’s enter the world of Progetto 3000

In 1979 Roberto Fabbian founded a hi-tech design studio with the idea of designing and producing innovative devices starting from the specific needs of the customer.

For several years the study has successfully collaborated with companies specializing in pacemakers, robot manipulators, biological purifiers, and collaborates with universities by supporting researchers in the biological fight against the olive fly without using substances harmful to human health and the complex agro-ecosystem .

In 1990 Roberto Fabbian founded Progetto 3000 Srl, a technological company with the aim of designing, producing and marketing professional products for anti-intrusion security and building automation, using innovative and cutting-edge technologies.

The internal Research & Development laboratory, totally autonomous in hardware, firmware and software design, has been the backbone for the development of the company which reached levels of excellence in 2008.

With the sale of the business unit to CAME Spa, a well-known Italian multinational and leader in the automation sector, which took place in 2010, Progetto 3000 Srl becomes part of one of the most important Groups in the sector of integrated Home & Building solutions Automation.

Since then Roberto Fabbian has been able to devote himself to his great passion: the design.

His projects are: concept, research, analysis, solution.
Roberto likes to intrigue, amaze, amaze.

Today Roberto has turned Progetto 3000 Srl into a Creative Workshop where he studies, develops and proposes even complex, certainly useful solutions.


We help our customers with innovative and intelligent solutions to guarantee their well-being, creating desirable objects capable of providing authentic emotions and experiences to live, to share.


Putting people and their well-being at the center of everything through a passion for invention and a commitment to excellence.

Our values

Our Values reflect who we are, our character, our way of being and working. They are the ideals that guide our action, our projects, through the daily work of our people.​

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